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I was out back, where the stash at
Cruise the city in a bulletproof Cadillac (skrrt)
'Cause I know these niggas after where the bag at
Gotta move smarter, gotta move harder
Niggas tryna get me for my water
I lay his ass down on my son or my daughter
I had the Draco with me, Dwayne Carter
'Lotta niggas out here playin', ain't ballin'
I done put my whole arm in the rim, Vince Carter
And I know probably get a key for the quarter
Shawty barely seen in double C's I bought her
Got a bitch that's looking like Aaliyah, she a model
I got the pink slip, all my whips is key-less
Compton, I'm about to get the key to the city
Patek like the sea, forget it